there are many things that I would like to accomplish in 2019. Back in December 2018, I spent some time in Physical Therapy to get rid of some lower back pain, and it worked wonders.

  1. So, a goal of mine is to continue the exercises that alleviate the pain and add yoga to the  mix in order to continue to feel less pain. Then I will be able to continue to strengthen my core as well as other places in my body….
  2. I also want to step out of my comfort zone and do more for myself/my career. I am going to try to network, and put forth more effort to be involved in my community (so to say). I am a member of the Montana Woman Foundation Board of Directors in Kalispell, there are many things that the Foundation does for women in the state of Montana. I want to find my voice/footing and do more, maintain my stamina and do good for others.
  3. I will continue to work on my blog (and try to do better).
  4. Lastly, I want to complete a chapbook for a poetry contest. A chapbook is a 24-48 page book of poems. I struggle with poetry sometimes, but I am fairly confident in my work. I just struggle with the process (it’s a love-hate thing).
Let’s see how 2019 goes!