On October 19, 2020, I made my very first order from The Prepared Pantry, a company based in Idaho that sells bread mixes, pancake mixes, syrups “hard to find” kitchen and baking tools, food colored gel, and so much more. The week prior to making this order, I had researched their website and determined that they were a company that this blog would be compatible with for reviews. I spent some time sifting through their products and put together a small but relevant order.

This post is of my order and reflections of each item that I have tried, followed by the recommended shopping list and a freebie at the bottom! I even wrote this post out in my favorites 1-4! PLUS, I have changed the recipes and provided instructions for those who do not have a bread machine. On each baking product there are instructions, however the instructions are primarily for a breach machine. I don’t have a bread machine so most of the preparation of the doughs needed to amended. Which was a bummer since I had to read the instructions and then use whatever skills I have gained prior to making this purchase to make my own preparation instructions. SO lucky for you, I have made my own ‘recipes’ for each product.

**Disclosure: this post contains affiliated links- this means that I may earn a commission from these products if you buy them using these links at no additional cost to you. Read full disclosure here. 

My First Order from The Prepared Pantry

#1 Sunday Dinner Rolls: Each order makes a dozen rolls, and I made 2 packages for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was to die for! I honestly ate like 2 while I was packing it up to take to my mom’s house. So by the end of the day, I had eaten 4 I think! They were so soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. I had made them in perfect shape and everyone loved them! Enjoy them with a bit of butter or without! Here’s my recipe.

Sunday Dinner Rolls with The Prepared Pantry

#2 Pizza Dough: I had been meaning to try to make homemade pizzas, and hadn’t the nerve to make it from scratch- pretty sure it’d be easy; but for convenience sake, I tried their simple dough mix. It was delicious! Read more about my amazing Pizza Night here. I had accidentally forgotten the oil while I was making the dough, so I had to quickly add it and then add an additional tablespoon of water- which is totally fine. If you use 3 TBS instead of 2, then the crust is softer and it was delicious!

Pizza Dough The Prepared Pantry

#3 Their Bread of the Week: Farmhouse Honey Wheat Bread Machine Mix: the very first bread I decided to order would be their Bread of the Week considering that it was discounted (obviously). The thing I looked forward to most about trying out their bread mixes is that they are for bread machines (which I do not have) or the oven. That week, it was 36% off. My Recipe

Honey Wheat Bread with The Prepared Pantry

#4 Seriously Fudgy Brownie Mix I wanted try a new baking mix that wasn’t Betty Crocker. It’s usually listed for $6.99 but I bought it for $5.99 that day. My thoughts: it is sickly sweet and not meant for a small family- more like for a holiday party. It is tasty but we indeed like the Betty Crocker batches more. We ended up not finishing these brownies because they were so rich.


French Bread Machine Mix: $3.69 and I estimate that my french bread recipe costs $1-2. So why did I try something I already make? I’m guessing they will compare by the quality of the ingredients. For example, I use the cheapest 1 lb bag of flour and use vegetable oil- their recipe uses soy oil, high quality bread flour, and the ingredients are pre-mixed and tested prior to being packaged as bread mixes. A guess. 🤷🏼‍♀️ (as of Jan 24, I have yet to try it because I started a low-carb lifestyle to combat my migraines).

Your First Order with The Prepared Pantry

Sunday Dinner Rolls Bread Mix – $3.69
from: Classic Italian Pizza Dough Mix – $3.99
from: Farmhouse Honey Wheat Bread Machine Mix. – $4.69
Seriously Fudgy Brownie Mix–(Just Add Water) – $6.99
from: French Bread Mix – $4.19
from: from: The Prepared Pantry

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