Guess what!? My trip to Hawaii is coming up! It’s almost here! And I cannot contain my excitement! I’ve scoured the depths of Pinterest for months, worked on a mental packing list, thoughts about activities, etc. And I’ve settled on what I will be packing for Hawaii. A first for me and Kyler!

Few Things to Think of When Packing for Hawaii

  1. Your activities– do you plan on doing a lot of physical activities like hiking or zip lining? Or do you think you’re going to go to museums and spend more days at the beach? Do you need more cuter outfits or more athletic type outfits? Are you going to hike a mountain early in the AM? You should bring a light jacket for that…
  2. The weather– I’ve noticed that Hawaii is like a constant 80 degrees but it can rain. So a lightweight raincoat might be handy. See mine below!
  3. Your Accommodations– this has more to do with groceries and laundry. Are you staying with someone? A hotel, resort? Timeshare? If you’re staying someplace with laundry machines, then you can pack fewer clothes and wash halfway through your stay.
  4. Your Airport Outfit– I’m still boggling over this one, but I know the basics:
    1. Comfy Clothes that are breathable (many articles say no jeans- makes sense)
    2. Layers for fluctuating temps in the airport or airplane
    3. Comfortable shoes that slip off easily for airport security

My Packing List

Carry-On Bag

Assuming you’re checking a bag- like we are- you’re going to want to have a few personal items with you such as your meds and items to keep you comfortable and entertained. Here’s what I’m bringing in my Lug Ace Convertible 3-in-1 backpack that my mom got me for my birthday:


  • Neck pillow- mom gave me one for my birthday!
  • Eye mask- this one has an adorable floral pattern. It also has a gel insert, so I could put that in the fridge or freezer before we leave and then store it in the cooler section of my backpack. I’ve never used an eye mask before, but we have a 10:30 PM flight coming home, so you betcha I am going to try to sleep!
  • My Travel Wallet- I am not going to bring my full wallet with all my cards. When traveling, that seems like I’m just asking to lose all my money… So I have this tiny wallet with 4-5 card sleeves and one on the outside for an ID. I don’t need all my credit cards and if there is a need for cash spending- well, that can be for Kyler’s wallet. * I have no clue where my Nana got it- I think a catalog- back in 2013.
  • Rx Sunglasses- I hope they get here in time for the trip. I got them from Zenni optical. I was impressed with the price and I hope I’m equally impressed by them when they get here.
  • Rx glasses, case & cleaners. Instead of the spray and cloth (which is always a great option), Kyler and I use these too and they are the bomb! They are like pincher with microfiber fabric and when you squeeze the ‘pinchers’ they clear off the smudges and oils.
  • SI Belt- so this isn’t something you need to buy just for traveling. I bought this a few years ago. Because I sit so much for work, my lower back and hips hurt- my core isn’t as strong as it needs to be. So I wear an SI belt for pain relief. It’s a velcro belt that pushes your hips together, straightens you out and gives me instant pain relief without advil! It was $55 when I bought it, but I have to bring it if I’m going to be on so many flights and sitting a lot. Better have it and not need it than need it and not have it. It is totally unfashionable but I plan to wear black yoga pants and a shirt that will hide it. 🙂

Health & Wellness

  • Masks & plastic baggies- your mask won’t be so clean if it’s floating around in random spaces like pockets and purses.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Water bottle and/or Travel Mug
  • Bag of different Teas- if I have a travel mug, all I need to ask for is hot water. Saves $$$ and I get to have all my favorite things.
  • Small bag with Ladies Things Found these cool cleaning wipes for Cups just for traveling. Cleans 99.9% and replaces the sanitizing methods that you use at home. 10 towels for the price… but if you’re only buying them for traveling like this and you only need to change every 12 hours, I supposed that’s a fine deal.
  • Snacks!- I need food throughout the day, and my new travel backpack has a cooler section. Score!
  • Extra pair of underwear- just in case. It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Yes, I am aware that that statement also justifies hoarding…. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Compression socks for the airplane so my feet don’t swell and it helps prevent blood clots.


  • iPad & iPhone & Headphones (including the adapter for the iPad)
  • Kenny Walker Digit Bag with all charging cords- it’s not on Amazon anymore. I got it back in 2018. I use it to store charging cables, the dongle for the latest iPhones, my Square card reader and my flash drives. When I travel, I shove all my charging cords and headphones in there.
  • Book or 2- haven’t decided on which one(s).
  • Kyler is suggesting an Adult Coloring book- I’m not convinced yet when you can use apps for it..
What to Pack in your Carry-on Bag


Packing for 10 days in Hawaii doesn’t mean 10 totally separate outfits. It’s always best to create outfits using staples and then creating several combinations. To start, choose a color palette and then mix with solids and patterns- patterns to add a little zing to your wardrobe! To start the packing process, pick out pieces that you’d like to wear and then try to make multiple combos with those pieces. If those bright red shorts don’t work with 2-3 other outfits… nix it! Click here for that list and tips.

  • A combination of outfits for 8-10 days- click here for that full list.
  • 10 pairs of underwear- even though we will be doing laundry probably half way through
  • Sun Hat- this one is adjustable with this discreet velcro strap. And the velcro strap makes it stay on your head…I’m also hoping that it doesn’t encourage Kyler or my grandpa to mess with my hat. It came with a removable chin strap, and a plastic insert that is the shape of the hat. So I’m keeping that for when I pack it. Then the hat will keep its shape.
  • Raincoat- got this 1 because the photos of other women looked like it would stay true to its size and I appreciate that. I tried it on when I got it, and I’m happy to say that it looks good even on someone who is 5′ 2″ and petite. Navy blue looks best on me, so that’s the color I picked.
  • Shoes!!! I love shoes, and I’ve been struggling on limiting how many shoes I will be packing for Hawaii. But here is what I’ve got so far…
  1. Clarks sandals- simple sandals that will fit with many outfits, casual and so comfy! My mom recommended them.
  2. American Eagle flip flops- these are so that I have something nicer than the Clarks sandals. They take up almost no space.
  3. Hiking Shoes- they are the bulkiest items but we want to do a couple hikes to waterfall.
  4. TOMS slip on shoes (perhaps airport outfit shoes)
  5. TOMS Tennis Shoes (perhaps airport outfit shoes)
  6. Black ballet flats -for when I want to dress up one of my dresses for the trip and pair it with a lightweight floral pattered dress!
10 Days in Hawaii

Bathroom Items

  • Shampoo & Conditioner in toiletry bottles
  • Cactus Blossom Body wash, spray and lotion
  • Makeup
    • Mascara- waterproof
    • Blush
    • 1 pallet of eyeshadow
    • BB Cream & Liquid Foundation (I will see which 1 I will need)
    • Primer?
    • Lip & Cheek stick- for my carry-on bag. I want to add color to my face when we land since I don’t want to if I’m wearing a mask for 12 hours…But I might also just opt to use that instead of blush and lipgloss. 2 in 1 deal…. And then I won’t have to worry about my blush maybe getting broken
    • Eyeliner
    • Eyelash curler 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • All my skin care routine items
  • Saalt Cup & Wash
  • Period Cup Sterilizer- okay, so I’m debating on this one but it would be really easy to just plug this in in the bathroom than sterilize it in the kitchen…especially since we’re staying with my grandparents… or maybe I will just wait until I’m home to sterilize it the 2nd time afterwards. But the cool thing about this purchase was that it came with the sterilizer, and 2 cups for 2 sizes and a pretty pink bag. All for $30 *when I bought it.
  • (In my Carry-On) Rx Meds, Melatonin ( enough for the flights and the other ones will be in our suitcase), Period Cramping Supplement “Cocktail” I might want to nap at some point while we’re flying and definitely need to on the return flight. So I’m packing melatonin, and then I have a concoction for cramps: 2 tables of Vitamin E, 1 pill of ginger, 800 mg of advil or Alive. It lasts all day! (See ad below)

Pro Tip from My World Sights: “I have found taking my daily medicines according to the new time zone helps my body adjust faster.” I really look forward to trying this tip!

  • Pony tails & like all the bobby pins! I have a tiny tupperware that I use to keep pony tails, elastic bands, and bobby pins, so this won’t be something to meticulously pack into my travel toiletry bag.
  • Flat Iron & Hairdryer
  • Hair brushes
Misc. Items for Hawaii Vacation

MISC. Items

  • Packing cubes- I’ve been working on a outfit packing list for a couple months now, and I think I can get all my stuff and Kyler’s clothes in 1 set of packing cubes for 1 suitcase! I will update on that theory later!
  • My sister gave me a monogram canvas tote as a bridal gift for her wedding- I managed to stuff that in one of my tiny cubes! It’s likely I won’t need it because I will have a Hawaii themed purse I got for my birthday and my Lug Ace Convertible…But you never know. I might need it for something. Like going to a Farmer’s Market.
  • Waterproof Bags for Smartphones. I’m excited to snorkel and record that underwater with my phone! Over the years, I have seen this brand pop up for cruises and Hawaii trips. So I got it. My phone even fits in it while it’s in its Otter-box case
  • Water shoes- we will be getting those on the Big Island
  • Fitbit – You know how much I like buy Fitbit. I plan on being quite active- hikes to waterfalls, general walking, and enjoying the warm water!
  • Snorkel Gear- Rx from the GetWetStore $112
  • Rash Guard- going to buy that one on the Island when my grandma can help me pick something out
  • Canon Camera, Case & Tripod- I’m dying to take nature photos, pictures of the sunset, the Island, waterfalls….
    • I recently bought this crazy awesome bundle for $520. It came with so many goodies. I’m not bringing everything but enough to take photos.
  • Garment bags- we’ll be on vacation but that doesn’t mean I want my bras and nice undies to not be treated as they would be if we were home.
What to Pack for a Hawaii Vacay.jpg

Final Thoughts about Packing for Hawaii

So that’s my list! I am going to try to be a blend of minimalist-ish while also including the comforts of home- like my bath robe that I like to wear on occasion. If you have any thoughts, drop them in the comments section!