In 2021, I have been accomplishing my goals! This post is going to be an overview of what my goals were, how I accomplished them by making the SMART, what SMART means and there is inspiration for you down at the bottom of this blog post!

What Were my 2021 Goals?

I wrote back in January, SMART Goals for 2021, that these were my goals:

As you can see, my personal goals for 2021 were largely about changing up our lifestyle so that we can enjoy our time more by being healthier, and affording adventures like traveling to Hawaii and Las Vegas… and soon Denver!

How I’m Accomplished My Goals

I am reaching my goals because I don’t think of them as New Year’s Resolutions. I make them SMART Goals! To learn about SMART Goals are, read below.

Anyhow… I also don’t give up on what I want to accomplish if I have missed a day. So many people set up New Year’s Resolutions and give up after 1 bad week or whatever. I have slipped over the year, but I haven’t not reached my goals.

Losing Weight & Fewer Migraines- In February I did get to 125 and as of today, I am happy with fluctuating between 105 and 110 lbs. My next goal is to tone my abs area, improve my cardio score and simply feel happier and healthier, thanks to diet, exercise, yoga and cycle synching (yoga and cycle synching is my latest project). My low carb diet has reduced my epilepsy triggered migraines to about 10 this year. ONLY TEN EPILEPSY MIGRAINES IN 8 MONTHS! I still have the occasional hormonal migraine but I have been working on those with cycle synching.

Traveling– Kyler and I have made some tough decisions about which expenses to trim from our budget in order to afford his new school life and a life that includes travel. Getting rid of one of our cars has been worth it. This year we have gone 10 days in Hawaii, a week in Las Vegas and a road trip to Denver for Twenty-One Pilots concert in September. Where will be going next??? Time will tell. 🙂

tackling my goals with yoga!

What does SMART Stand For?

Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timebound

S- Specific

Clearly decide what it is that you want your goal to be. Do you want to lose weight? Exercise more? Write more? Improve your budgeting skills? Be as clear as possible when you choose this goal!

M- Measurable

Decide how you want to quantify this goal/improvement? Pounds? Do you want to save $X money or stop eating out? Do you want to improve your blog/website traffic by a number of followers or a percentage?

A- Achievable

Can you really do it? Of course you can do it, but are you planning too big too fast? Should you start with a smaller goal so that you don’t set yourself up for feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything?

R- Realistic

Can you do this specific goal? Yes, you can do this goal but can you do this goal in a specific time frame? This is slightly repeating what I said above, but if you want to achieve your goals, pick the baby steps that will lead you to achieving your goal.

T- Time Bound

How long are you giving yourself to achieve this goal? Is it realistic to finish this goal in 2 months or is 6 months – is 12 months more reasonable?

6 Boards of Inspiration for Accomplishing Your Goals

I have so many Pinterest boards! As I am sure all of you do! I have made them so organized over the years and I have so much advice that I would love to share with you as well. I am an information hoarder and Pinterest is one of the best ways to manage it. To keep my goals all organized, I am always collecting pieces of relevant information that will help me stay on the path towards accomplishing my goals. That included Keto recipes, recipes, boards for yoga and improving my health and more. Check out some my Pinterest Boards!

What are SMART goals?
Accomplishing My Goals in 2021!