Thrive Market products are my favorite way of saving money specifically for my low carb diet. Let’s face it- ‘restricted diets’ are limiting when it comes to saving money for the diet. I think it’s because it’s an exclusive sort of market, items are made with higher quality ingredients, or rarer ingredients, or expensive ingredients like nuts. In my experience, walnuts, pecans, and cashews are on the more expensive spectrum for purchasing nuts and seeds. I’m sure there are more expensive nuts than those three but there you have it.

What is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market is a membership based online grocery store. You pay either an Annual Membership of $120/year or Month-to-Month for $10/month. If you use my special link, you get 25% OFF Your First Order with Thrive Market when you start a monthly or annual Membership. 

Then you have access to a wide variety of healthy grocery store items at discounted prices. While I have said in Budgeting for a Low Carb Diet, that I don’t do Subscriptions (like GoFresh boxes or KetoSnack subscription boxes), I decided to do my research about Thrive Market and give it a shot.

Thrive Market- Favorite Way to Save on Low Carb Items

Why Do I Enjoy this Platform?

  • You really can get special grocery items at a discounted price. I truly have been able to find certain items for discounted prices- even compared to Amazon! For instance, the Wild Zola hot cereals that I order are $2-3 cheaper than on Amazon!
  • Daily Deals & FREE Gifts- Log onto your account and see what they are offering. But be sure to weigh the pros and cons. If you have to spend a lot of money to get 1 item for free, make sure it is worth it! Today I am getting KIND Thin Dark Chocolate bars for FREE when I spend $49+. Which is pretty easy since I only place orders if I have enough in my cart to get free shipping.
  • Free Shipping– This one is another pro/con decision. If you only need a cart’s worth of $15 + $6 shipping, it is best not to spend $35 to save $6. That is why I wait until I need $50+ more in items.
  • You can sort by Diet or Values, or Foods you will most likely buy– I’m mostly keto and prefer low-carb snack alternatives, or alternatives to pasta. I sorted for that, and got to see my options.

How much does a Thrive Market Membership cost?

A Memberships is $120/year but it pays off. After you take a quick quiz to set up a profile, Thrive Market gives you a projected savings amount for the year. They project that I will save almost $600/year on these groceries if I buy them through Thrive Market. In my first order, I saved $46. As of September 14th, my projected savings is $477 and in last three orders, I have saved $128.49. SINCE APRIL 2021!

To learn more about my first order, read my article on My Thrive Market Experience

*Disclosure: I am a Thrive Market Affiliate, this post contains affiliated links- this means that I earn a commission from the products if you buy them using these links at no additional cost to you. The products listed in any of my blog posts that promotes Thrive Market are only the ones that I have ordered and really enjoyed. Read full disclosure here.  

My Favorite Thrive Market Products

  • Grain Free tortilla chips $3.49
  • Lillabee’s Brownie Thins $4.99- These Brownie Thin Mints are my favorite cookie from Thrive Market. I have tried these thin mints, regular cookies and their Salted Caramel (which I got for FREE in that order). All three are amazing but these are my favorite! They are Paleo/Keto, and you might be surprised how much big a real serving is and how filling it actually is too!
healthy trail mix
Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry
  • Wild Zola Instant Grain Free Hot Cereal, Variety Pack– 5 bags of hot cereal for $12.49 (this 1 was a difficult decision but I wanted to try a keto alternative to oatmeal. LOVED THIS BOX! Banana Bread is my favorite and I have ordered it four times. I mix it with sliced banana and almond milk. It’s perfect to combat my period flu symptoms and Cycle Synching!
  • Organic Fajita and Taco seasoning blends $.99 each, costs the same as my home grocery store but has fewer carbs. I used the Fajita Taco seasoning in Fresh Chicken Fajita Salad It has a lightness to it compared to the non-organic cheapest product we buy at the grocery store. I think it has less sodium.
  • Keto Nut and Seed Butter- $4.29 Keto butters are costly no matter what (especially Montana) because of which nuts they use to make the butter. I used this to make my Keto Butter Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Powder- I need this for a cookie recipe $4.29
Keto Butter Cookies
  • Birch Benders Keto Chocolate Chip Pancake & Waffle Mix- $6.99 (ON SALE) I know I said that I don’t buy remade stuff in order to keep my low carb diet costs down, but I couldn’t resist and I was trying to get to a certain threshold for FREE Shipping
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip LaraBars– My favorite go-to snack right now. Made with just 4 ingredients, and dates are what sweeten it in addition to the chocolate.
  • Walnuts– $12.99! You usually find a bag of walnuts close to $18-20! I am very happy with my purchase. I use it in baking and love mixing it with honey greek yogurt for a snack.
  • Swerve Brown Sugar– I love Swerve, they are in a tone of my recipe! I have all three sugar replacements (brown, granular and powder) but just ran out of brown sugar when I made chocolate chip cookies the other night.
  • FREE Thrive Market 25 oz stainless steel water bottle. I sometimes take this to hot yoga and it keeps my water cold. This was free because I started a Membership.

Final Thoughts on My Favorite Thrive Market Products

I am always saying and advising that you do your due diligence, debate with yourself, price check (and more tips). I think the cost of Thrive Market is worth is only if you actually take advantage of it. If you’re not shopping enough to save at least $120 (the cost of the Thrive Market membership), then don’t do it.