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BONUS: a $30 cookbook with the purchase of your monthly or annual purchase fo FREE.

In this post, I want to share with you my favorite things about having a Thrive Market Membership, My Thrive Market Experience, and give you the opportunity to check out a list of My Favorite Thrive Market Products– all the products that I have ever bought, enjoyed and will continue to buy (and with only those qualities, if I bought it and did not like it, it won’t be on this list). This list also has the recipes that I made using some of the ingredients on my list (like cauliflower rice).

Disclosure: There are affiliate links within this post. That means that if you choose to purchase a Thrive Market membership through the links in this post, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Perks for Memberships with Thrive Market

Free Gifts from Thrive Market

  • Typically, you can get a free gift of up to $24 in value, I picked a stainless steel water bottle. But you also get free gifts if you claim them while you’re doing typical grocery shopping. I’ve gotten vegan bone broth, the option to get KIND granola bars, Lillabee’s cookies (I’m addicted to them) and more. I think the most item I have bought are the Lillabee’s cookie thins…
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  • Daily Deals & FREE Gifts- Log onto your account and see what they are offering. But be sure to weigh the pros and cons. If you have to spend a lot of money to get 1 item for free, make sure it is worth it! Usually I only make a purchase when I have enough to reach the free shipping threshold, so it makes it easy to spend “$40 to get X for Free”

Ultimate Savings with Thrive Market

There are many Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store, but one of the ways that I have been able to Budget for a Low Carb Diet is by purchasing a $60 annual Thrive Membership. It’s almost like Costco for Whole Foods Health, and a lot of items are cheaper than even Amazon!

  • Projected Savings– After you take a quick quiz to set up a profile, Thrive Market gives you a projected savings amount for the year. They project that I will save almost $600/year on these groceries if I buy them through Thrive Market. In my first order, I saved $46. As of September 14th, my projected savings is $477 and in three orders, I have save $128.49.
  • Guaranteed Savings– When you start your profile, you take a quiz for Thrive Market to gauge which items would most likely be in your cart.. (sorting by diet, who you’re shopping for, what do you need most: snacks, breakfasts, meats). Then Thrive Market estimates how much you will likely save during that 1 year of shopping.

In the beginning of my Membership, it was estimated that I would save $600/year, now after 4 orders (since May), I have a guaranteed savings amount of $196. However, if you purchase an annual membership of $59.95/year and only spent $40 in merchandise that whole year, Thrive Market will gift you $20 in Thrive Cash. Not only would you save money on the items you purchased (because they are more costly even on but Thrive Market will make up the cost of your membership at the end of the year.

  • Free Shipping– This one is another pro/con decision. If you only need a cart’s worth of $15 + $6 shipping, it is best not to spend $35 to save $6. That is why I wait until I need $50+ more in items.
  • Auto-Ship– You save money on your favorite items if you put them on Auto-Ship. I really love the grain-free tortilla chips, my banana bread grain-free cereal, lillabee’s brownie thins, and sugar-free chocolate covered almonds…. so they’re all on auto-ship.

Sorting/Filtering Products

  • You can sort by Diet or Values, or Foods you will most likely buy– I’m mostly keto and prefer low-carb snack alternatives, or alternatives to pasta. I sorted for that, and got to see my options
  • After comparing prices, certain items were better bought at Thrive Market. Montana grocery stores are expensive, and the things I have found at our organic sections or stores have been way to expensive to buy. Checked it out on Thrive Market and found so many more options, like my hot grain-free cereal and the Lillabee’s cookies.