Traveling while on a restrictive diet has had its challenges since I switched to a low carb diet in December 2020. But it has also had its greatest rewards. For instance, in the last year I have had fewer than 10 migraines that I can recognize as being triggered by my epilepsy! A TEN YEAR RECORD!

My Cycle is also a contributing factor to my migraines but I can tell the difference and these ones happen at different times of the month, hence my reason to start Cycle synching and focusing my diet on epilepsy and cycle migraines. It has certainly paid off!

But when it comes to traveling, you don’t have access to all your typical resources- your favorite stores, items that you almost always buy- not even all your favorite dishes! Over the years, I have recognized that I do not at all eat like I normally do when I’m at home. Since changing my diet, that has changed. Here are my best tips for traveling even though you are on a restricted diet-

Tips for Traveling on a Restrictive Diet

  • Bring your own food from home, if you can.
  • Try to stick to your typical meal plan.

I drink Premiere Protein shakes everyday for breakfast and 1 week each month, I have to eat grain-free hot cereal too. When we went to Las Vegas, I packed Larabars for snacks and we bought bananas at a nearby Target. I used the coffee maker to heat up water for the hot cereal. For short travels that allow for liquids, I pack my premier protein shakes in a cooler. For longer trips, I opt for the powder version and pack a plastic smoothie shaker so that I am still getting the nutrients and routine.

Traveling on a Restricted Diet
  • Opt for Accommodations with Kitchenette or Kitchen

This makes most sense if you’re staying somewhere for a really long time- say 4+ days. When we went to Las Vegas, we stayed in a basic hotel and I had planned to utilize the fridge until I read that we would be charged for its use. We tended to eat at the most affordable options that were available to us close by to our hotel/ room (so a pizza place we went to most often).

When we go to Cancun this summer, I have been super picky about what sort of kitchens are in the Airbnbs- I want something that allows for a lot of freedom, not just a hot plate and a sink.

  • Shop at a local store when you get to your destination

When we went to Las Vegas, we shopped at a Target that was a decent walk away. We walked so many miles in Vegas! When we go to Cancun, we will go to nearby farmers market and grocery stores and buy produce, some meats and other foods/snacks that we obviously will not bring from home. We will eat out a little bit in order to explore and enjoy local cuisine, but to eat your best while traveling… make it yourself.

  • Focus on macronutrients, or your most important restriction

My most important “restriction” is to focus on high fat and protein, and low carb. Thankfully, that doesn’t totally exclude me from being able to enjoy bread, tacos, and pizza. But it does mean that if I enjoy it for one meal, I have to make sure that I eat a loaded salad, my shakes, or really pay attention to my snacks.

Pizza Place in Vegas

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