Hi there everyone, I have big news to share!

Most of you are so used to a regular schedule for my blog posts detailing recipes that are keto/low carb and/or budget friendly, my traveling adventures or other things I have learned along the way. Many of you may be wondering where the heck I have been this year…

I am excited to share with everyone that Kyler and I are expecting our first little one at the end of August! I am only a few weeks into my second trimester but the first trimester made it pretty difficult to work- let alone even think about recipes! The nausea was brutal- thankfully I never threw up from it.

Now that I am coming back to myself, I hope that I can spend more energy on the blog again- pregnancy fatigue is a whole other beast…..And I hope that I can get back to writing and creating recipes to share with you readers.

Thank you for continuing to be a follower/visitor to The Tiny Twenty-Something blog.

Baby O due August 27, 2022!– Born August 23