Here’s my Florida packing list for a 6 day vacation to Parrish, Florida! 6 days, 5 nights, 4 days of vacation, 3 days of activities! My travel outfits are all about comfort and easy access for the baby carrier and the wearable pump.

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My Outfits

Most of my shirts/outfits needed to be ready to add my Elvie pump so my shirts took a little bit more time to think about. I have learned that my maternity tops are the most flexible tops and don’t look stretched out from pulling it froward. They are also still the most flattering tops for my body right now.

  • Saturday (airport) 
    • Maurice’s 24/7 White Shirt
    • Black Maurice’s Sweats (super soft and comfy)
    • Zipped hoodie (it made things easier for manual pumping and when I had Fee in a baby carrier) 
    • Pack shorts in carryon
  • Sunday Yankees game
    • Yankees top + hat
    • Denim shorts
    • Toms tennis shoes
    • lightweight windbreaker/rain coat- this worked really well when the wind was blowing hard and I needed to cover Ophelia up.
  • Monday Zoo/Aquarium
    • Olive shirt (maternity shirt)
    • Denim shorts
    • Tan sandals
    • Sunhat 
    • Gray cardigan (never needed!)
outfit at the zoo
  • Tuesday Universal Studios
    • Pink short sleeve shirt (maternity and bought at a consignment sale)
    • Denim shorts
    • Toms – in retrospect, I should have brought my Nike walking shoes.
    • Green baseball cap
  • Wednesday – we didn’t do anything except for relax and pack, I stayed in sweat shorts and a nursing shirt for pumping sessions.
  • Pool: swimsuit and cover
  • Thursday (same airport outfit as Saturday)


My luggage was spread out between multiple bags/luggage and storage containers. I used my personal bag (Lug 3 in 1 tote), our checked bag with most items for Kyler and I, and 2 carryon suitcases for Ophelia and items suitable for me as a mom.

Checked Bag Packing List

  • 7 -10 pairs of underwear (checked bag)
  • Amelia Bras (for pumping and nursing) (2)
  • Windbreaker! It was pretty windy at the baseball game and it made for a decent cover when I needed to console Fee at the game.
  • Tops:
    • Yankees
    • White shirt
    • Olive shirt
    • Nursing shirts (2)
  • Bottoms
    • Denim Shorts (2)
    • Romper
  • 1 pair of pjs bottoms
  • Swimsuit & cover 
  • Shoes
    • tan sandals
    • Gray Toms
  • 5 pairs of socks (checked bag) 
  • Toiletries (checked bag)

Carryon Packing List

I bought a Samsonite hard case carryon to protect my wearable pump and hold extra items like toys and books, baby food and more. Literally the night/12 am before, we realized that one carryon was not going to be enough if we were going to bring diapers too. In fact, Ophelia’s clothes ended up in her own carryon suitcase. For more info about Mom and Baby Travel Items, read my post!

  • Pumping Supplies
    • Bottles
    • Elvie
    • Manal
    • Flange
    • Wipes
    • Carry bag
    • Wet bag
  • Fee’s pack cubes and clothes and diapers
  • Baby puffs
  • Change of clothes- She wore pjs all day and that was a great decision! It kept her happy the entire time.
  • Shorts
  • Hat
  • Diapers and wipes
In Florida and happy to meet her great-grandparents!


Florida Packing for Personal Bag

My Lug tote was able to hold everything I needed for a 12-15 hour travel day- I actually only used my Elvie pump one time in a nursing room at the Seattle airport, and a couple times in the car while traveling. On travel days, I used my manual pump because I was able to pump right into a bottle in my seat, and used my Spectra at the grandparents’ house. We did end up needing to bring bags of frozen milk because little miss woke up early and demanded food at 3 am!

Fee had a small amount of her diapers in the SkipHop portable changing table, my bag had wipes, Motrin for her ears, binks and wipes to keep the binks clean; and my usual carryon packing list items such as books, food, electronics + chargers, etc. For a full list, read my full Carryon Packing List post.

Carry On Packing List for Traveling with a Baby

  • Electronics +chargers
  • My Meds
  • Motrin
  • Portable diaper bag
  • Toys and books- we kept most toys with Kyler’s backpack but she ended up playing with just a single multi-sensory bunny that Ky bought a couple days before leaving.
  • Face wipes
  • Snacks 
  • Wallet
  • Baby Carrier (kept with the stroller but should have used it more!)
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Binks (all of them!)

Baby’s Packing List

Fee’s got a pretty short packing list. Babies are easy! Especially when their tiny outfits for the week fit into ONE packing cube! I buy mostly Carter’s Simply Joy so all their clothes are interchangeable thanks to complimentary colors. She has several onesies, 4 shorts, 1 skort, bedtime attire and bath time. Read more about what I packed for her in my blog post Mom and Baby Travel Items.

baby Florida packing list

What do you pack for warm destinations?

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