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Get featured as a fellow blogger on either The Tiny Twenty-Something or Katherine MC Johnson- Content Writing when you submit relevant articles for a small fee of $10. I would love to share the wealth with my readers and help you reach more people.

Perks of Getting Featured

Get readers from my blog to yours! 

When you get published by Katherine MC Johnson, LLC, you will have three additional sources to direct an audience to your content: my website, social media, and an email newsletter.

Proofreading and Optimization 

Blog posts featured by Katherine MC Johnson, LLC will be lightly edited and optimized. That means that after you submit your awesome content, I will be the one formatting it for SEO. 

Social Media Marketing Done For You

After your blog post is accepted and optimized, 1 social media post will be created for you featuring your blog post and your social media accounts. The post will include tagging your account(s). 

You Get Featured in the Monthly Newsletter

At time of publication, your blog post will be featured in the monthly newsletter during the month of your featured blog post. 

Submission Form

Please describe the topic of your post.
Provide links and usernames for any of the following Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn profiles.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 6 files.
Files include a word document of your article and images. If using stock images, such as Unsplash, please note in the word document.

Submission Checklist

Make sure you submit everything I need in order to feature your content on my blog and social media accounts.

  • 1 blog article of any relevant subject as described below. Word count must be between 300-750 words. No need to worry about keyword density, I will lightly edit your content and make sure it’s there.
  • 3-5 quality images to be used in the blog post. I will accept stock images if the source is provided (example: Unsplash). Some images you may want to include: an image of yourself (to be used in your bio section of the blog post, graphics, screenshots of your results, etc. 
  • A link to your website. 
  • Brief bio, max of 150 words (optional but preferred)
  • Social Media account usernames for any of the following:
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn

Other Conditions of Being Featured on the Blog

  • No affiliate links 
  • No promoting original products- such as online courses or books/ebooks. Just share your expertise.
  • I will accept articles previously published to your blog/website- give notice if this applies

Blog Post Topics for
The Tiny Twenty-Something

Share your expertise, recipes and suggestions on this blog. These post categories are a great way of figuring out if your content is aligned with The Tiny-Twenty Something.

Blog Post Topics for
Katherine MC Johnson- Content Writing

Share your expertise about writing, editing, marketing or more. These post categories are a great way of figuring out if your content is aligned with Katherine MC Johnson Content Writing.

If you have additional questions, please let me know. If not, head over the submission page!

I’m Katherine! Writer, blogger and owner of Katherine MC Johnson, LLC. I have a BA in English with a concentration in writing/rhetoric and a minor in literature. I have extensive experience in magazine writing, content writing, and social media marketing, as well as blogging experience dating back to the 8th grade (14 years!). I look forward to working with you.

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