Figure Out Content Writing- Workbook



This simple, 10-page workbook will help you untangle the process of developing website copy and prepare for your online marketing strategies. Writing excellent web copy is vital to bridging the gap between your business and your customer. Often is the case that a business owner knows their business inside and out, but has trouble communicating it to a potential buyer in a convincing manner. The best remedy is to write a website copy that reads like a beautiful story. Figure Out Content Writing has 10 short lessons for each section about Website Writing and Online Marketing, and a series of questions to help you start your journey. This workbook is great for beginner Content Writers and small business owners who are interested in creating their websites on their own.

What is in this Workbook-

In this workbook, you will learn how to develop your Mission & Vision statements by thinking about your responsibilities to your clients/customers. You will create an Ideal Client and an Online Persona, and set goals for your website’s purpose and marketing strategies. This content writing workbook will help you figure out how to organize your website and then your writing. You will learn how to approach content writing like it’s a creative story by making it personal, clear and simple. Then you will learn about Writing Style and how to identify your writing tendencies.  And finally, you will figure out content writing as it applies to social media marketing and practices.

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