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Hello there!

I’m Kat Johnson: writer, blogger and new mama. The Tiny Twenty-Something blog was started in 2015 as a way to help those in their 20s navigate adulting. I went from not knowing how to manage my bank account and cooked terrible food for my husband, to being able to share more and more (actually) wonderful recipes!

I live in Kalispell, Montana with my husband Kyler, our dog, Violet, and the newest addition: sweet Ophelia.

I love telling stories! I’m a freelance writer and 2 blogs, and would love to start making digital products for my blogs’ readers. I love creative nonfiction, fantasy fiction and magazine writing. Since August 2022, I have been juggling the role of being a stay at home mom, with working every now and then. It’s a tough act.

The Tiny Twenty-Something covers a few topics related to cooking and budgeting: meal planning, budgeting for any diet (but specifically low carb), and affordable recipes that are healthy for everyone. And lifestyle blog articles like using your budget to fit travel into your lives, improving your health habits and more. It’s likely my mama self will be bleeding into these posts as this has become a giant part of my new identity. However, I hope you find everything I write to be useful for you! Happy reading!

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What is on The Tiny Twenty-Something?

Lifestyle- Travel, Healthy and Beauty

We all deserve to live our best life and not let the budget totally limit you. So I have figured out how to do Hawaii, Las Vegas and Florida on a budget. Traveling with a little one is an adventure unto itself but interesting learning experience during our trip to Florida.

Meal Planning & Budgeting

Meal planning is essential to any grocery budget and I have a several recipes that are for both low carb and not so low carb lifestyles. Throughout this blog, there are also great freebies that should help you figure out how to meal plan and meal plan without breaking the bank!

Low Carb Recipes on The Tiny Twenty-Something

In an effort to reduce my epilepsy and hormonal triggered migraines, I started the keto diet- or rather, a kinda keto diet. I stick to less than 100 g of carbs every day, pay special attention to my macronutrients and make sure I get plenty of protein and health fats in my diet.

Affordable Recipes

Whether you are low carb or not, the low carb or keto lifestyle can get expensive. That’s why my recipes are budget conscious.

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