What is your favorite topic on The Tiny Twenty-Something blog? I love to help my readers make their lives affordable whether that is for traveling, cooking, or their health and beauty.

My blogging journey dates back to the 8th grade! There were some other kids who were in to using Blogger for random topics and I wanted to be considered just as skilled at copy and pasting in HTML to change my blog themes, or write random and incredibly short posts narrating my day. Fast forward to spring 2015, and I am diagnosed with epilepsy, forced to take a semester off from college to focus on my health and adjust to my newly diagnosed reason for my migraines, and then left with a lot of time on my hands until I could try a spring semester. During which time, I learned about monetizing blogs/websites through various sources such as advertising and affiliate marketing….I tried it, I failed, I moved on when I moved back to Bozeman to finish my degree.

I’ve gotten better at making an income blogging though! And you could learn more about blogging as business at my second website Katherine MC Johnson -Content Writing.

The Topics on The Tiny Twenty-Something Blog

Anyways, I “rebranded” my Blogger account and named it The Tiny Twenty-Something! I wanted to share my college tips and the (actually somewhat awful) recipes that I was learning along the way. Being just 19 years old, I didn’t know much about cooking and I am surprised my husband ate what I made us…

Way back then, my blog content consisted of college money saving tips (like how to save money on books), how to get along with a roommate, random and super simple recipes, and some budgeting tips.

During my time at Montana State University, I left the blogging life and focused on finishing up my degree. Then, at the time of lockdown, I went back to blogging. This time with WordPress.

What Could Be Your Favorite Topic?

Recipes & Meal Planning Topics

My cooking skills improved, and I developed wonderfully delicious recipes of my own, then the low carb diet came into effect and I had even more information to share with my readers. I think my favorite content to share with you readers are my recipes! I also enjoy repeating myself when I say that meal planning is the best way to save on the grocery budget!

If my recipe and meal planning posts is your favorite topic- I am so sorry that I have dropped the ball on that for you! What are your favorite types of recipes? Soups, the $5 dinner series, breads? Something else?

Pork and Stuffing
Pictured: breadcrumb crusted pork loin & homemade stuffing!

Affordable Travel Blog Posts

We started traveling in 2021, and I was able to fit simple trips into our lives about once a year while Kyler was on spring breaks. I thought that I should share the ways we make that possible in a very practical manner. Check out my travel tips! I hope to be getting back into traveling soon… I was pregnant in 2022 so I was in too much discomfort and pain to hop into a car for a long time or waddle in an airport…

packing for a warm destination
Coffee with a Hawaiian View

The Health & Beauty Topics

So many things helped me with my acne, PCOS and persistent migraines. As a returning reader, you may know how much Cycle Synching, Burt’s Bees products and the low carb diet changed my life! Would you like more of that?

Final Thoughts for This Blog Post

So I have asked a lot of questions throughout this post, and I would really appreciate any feedback you have to offer so that I may improved The Tiny Twenty-Something

Thank you for reading!