Buying meat from Costco is one of the better ways we save on our grocery shopping. Meat is the most expensive item in a grocery budget- with dairy being a close second. So we try to save money (or in most cases, buy for the best value) by buying meat at Costco.

Buying in bulk and having a Costco membership can be beneficial for your budget-especially if you have the money, storage and can guarantee that you will use it up in time.

Perks for Buying Meat from Costco

Costco tends to have higher quality meat than our local stores and we get more for the price. For example, I see in some Pinterest articles that these people are buying meat for amazing prices at Walmart, we tried that once and we ended up with hardly any meat for the price. We also had really fatty cuts and you couldn’t tell that that’s what was in the package. What good is buying something cheap when you’re getting very little of the actual meat?

and that’s not worth it… but here is our list + the cost of the meat per pound + the estimated time I think it will take us to go through each “package” of meat. I estimate November/December range- we see if that happens that way on my Instagram!

My Meat Grocery List from Costco


  • Ground Beef– $10.57 Net Wt 5.31 lbs $1.99/lb. Divided into 7 chunks/freezer bags.


  • Pork Loin– $14.57 Net Wt 7.71 lbs $1.89/lb (7 dinners)
  • Bacon– 4 packages of bacon for $10-12 and they last forever when they’re in the freezer. Perfect for Breakfast for Dinner, regular breakfast, baked potatoes, cream of potato soup…


  • Chicken Tenderloins– $20.80 Net Wt 6.96 lbs 
  • Already divided into 6 packages (= 6+ dinners) (approximate $6 per “dinner” when I first cook the meal)
  • 1 Whole Chicken
  • I already cooked the other one a few months ago. I think the cost for the 2 was $10.83 and we have 1 more left. Each chicken makes 6 meals + broth
  • Ground Turkey– $18.99 12 lbs (12 dinners)


  • Bag of Shrimp $15.79
    • 20 meals! (Mostly single meals)


  • Chicken Nuggets $11.99 – mostly lunches

How Many Meals?

  • 10 meals of ground beef
  • 3 meals of chicken drumsticks
  • 12 meals of ground turkey
  • 2 small bags of beef steak “tip” ~$4 ($2 per dinner)
  • 6 meals (1 whole chicken) 
  • 7 dinners from pork loin (at least)
  • 1-2 meals of pork steaks

42 dinners! Excluding the shrimp.

Now that you have 42 nights of a meat-oriented dinner, it’s time to start meal planning. Signup for my private Meal Planning Resource Library for free downloads, printouts and more.